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With my family at my graduation from Yale University Served in Iraq with pride!
Bringing together prominent Nevada Democrats and Republicans to discuss History and Politics.
From left to right: Governor Robert List (R), UNLV Professor David Fott, and Congressional Candidates Erin Bilbray (D), and Rodney Smith (D). Jun. 2007: Landstuhl, Germany- Visiting with fellow wounded warriors while we were being medivaced back to the U.S.
With my two younger brothers after graduating from UNLV.
May 2010: Receiving and award from Rancho High School's Hispanic Student Union. Sep. 2007: Nellis AFB- Being awarded the Purple Heart Medal for combat injuries received in Iraq.
Entrance wound of the sniper round that went through my elbow. I lost full use and still suffer from severe pain because of this war injury. With my brother Reece, at my naturalization ceremony. Becoming a U.S. citizen was one of the most awesome moments of my life.
May 2015: At a community steakholders' meetings in regards to local law enforcement policies on DACA and DAPA.
Visiting third graders at a West Philadelphia elementary school. Feb. 2007: With my younger brothers right before deploying to Iraq.
Lawrence Weekly and I receiving an award for our work within Southern Nevada's African-American communities. Dec. 2011: With my siblings after midnight mass at St. Christopher's Catholic Church.
With my students at Rancho High School. I graduated from Rancho myself and my student still love hearing stories about Nov. 2007: Interview with Univision after my naturalization ceremony.
American labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta and I
U.S. Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis and I. Jul. 2007: Staying positive after one of many bone graft surgeries at Balboa Park Naval Hospital.
Dec. 2006: With my fellow Marines Martin Gomez and Marcos Ibarra just before deploying to Iraq.
Feb. 2007: Al-Anbar Province, Iraq

Reuben D'Silva is a retired member of the United States Marine Corps. Use of his military rank, decoration, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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