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The United States of America has always been a “nation of nations.” Immigrants signed the Declaration of Independence, participated in the constitutional debates, and fought and died in every American war. Immigrants helped create and build our nation into the superpower we are today. 

I am an immigrant. My parents brought me to this great country with hopes and dreams of a better life when I was two years old. I know the immigrant experience intimately, and understand the struggles and sacrifices that come with it. Like many today, I also “DREAMED,” and will therefore, fight for immigrant issues. 

When elected I will:

  • Pass comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Fight to keep families together.
  • Bring undocumented persons from out of the shadows.
  • Aggressively seek to provide a pathway to citizenship.
  • Promote naturalization.
  • Ensure that corporations do not exploit workers.
  • Expand security at all borders and international points of entrance.
  • Work to reunite families who have been separated by an outdated immigration system.